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Simple text modification

22.11.2007, 2:24    Total views: 33672

This easy lesson will show you how to create on a simple way simple text modification using the shape.This lesson is for the peopels who opening flash for the first time.You don't have to know anything about this program to create this tutorials. Let's go!

Step 1

Open a new flash document.

Step 2

Press Ctrl+J key on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set the dimensions of your document as whatever you like. Select any color as background color.Set your Flash movie's frame rate to 24 and click ok. See the picture below.

Step 3

Double click on layer 1 to rename its name in text.

Step 4

After that, take the Text Tool (A) and type any text on flash stage.

Step 5

Then, click on frame 20 and 35 and press F6 key. After that, while you're still on frame 35, take the Selection Tool (V) and dobule click on text to select it. After that, type some other text. See the picture below.

Step 6

After that, while the new text is still selected, press Ctr+B key (Break apart) twice time. Now, you have this:

Step 7

Repeat step 6 also for keyframe 20 and 1.

Step 8

Take the Selection Tool (V) and click once on frame 20 to select it. After that, go to the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) below the stage. On the left side, you will see Tween drop down menu. Choose shape on it. See the picture below.

Step 9

Click after that on frame 50 and press F6 key.

Step 10

Then, click on frame 60 and press F7 key. After that, go back on frame 20 and press Ctrl+C key (Copy). Then, click on frame 60 and press Ctrl+Shift+V key (Paste in Place).

Step 11

Take again the Selection Tool (V) and select the keyframe 50. Aftre that, repeat step 8.

We're done!


Download source file (.fla)

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