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Simple mask example

12.3.2008, 22:35    Total views: 30334

This simple lesson will show you how to apply mask effect on any object, picture...You can use this example for some flash effect, when you like to show just one part of object, picture. You don't have to use action script code to make this lesson.

Step 1

First of all, find any object or picture on which you like to apply this effect. For this example, I have used some picture, and you can, if you like it, save it to make this lesson more quickly.

Step 2

Create a new flash document. Choose File > Import > Import to Stage (shortcut key:Ctrl+R) and import this picture into a flash stage. While the picture is still selected, go to the Align Panel (Ctrl+K) and do the following:

1. Make sure that the Align/Distribute to Stage button is turned on,
2. Click on the Align horizontal center button and
3. Click the Align vertical center button.

Step 3

Create a new layer above the layer picture and name it mask.

Step 4

After that, using the Rectangle Tool (R) and Oval Tool (O) draw a shapes which will represent our mask. See the picture below.

Step 5

Select mask area layer and convert it to a mask by right-clicking on the mask area layer and selecting Mask. See the picture below.

Now, you have this:

and the finally result is:

Have a nice day!

Download source file (.fla)

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