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House drawing

1.10.2006, 22:20    Total views: 108677
Read this tutorial and see how to draw a house in flash, and after that how to paint it using the Paint Bucket Tool. I will show you in few steps how to do that. For this tutorial, I will use a lot drawings to see drawing technique process.You don't have to use action script code to make this lesson. Let's start

Step 1

Create a new flash document and for background color choose white.

Step 2

First, I will draw the first part of roof:

Step 3

After that I'll draw the second part of roof:

Step 4

Then, I'll draw a sideward wall:

Step 5

After that, I'll draw the forefront of house. See the pictures below:

Step 6

Now, I'll draw door:

Step 7

Now, it's time for windows:

Step 8

Now, it time for painting. Take the Paint Bucket Tool (K), and start painting!

Finally, our work looks like this:

We're done!

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